Thursday, November 24, 2011

10-Minute Block done my way!

Here is a quilt that I made for my niece, Martha for her wedding to Mark.  Here house is very victorian, so the quilt will match well.  I have already given it to her and she loves it! 
It is the 10 - minute block, however, I did not like the 10" blocks, too big!  I tried several sizes, and settled on 7 1/2" blocks, this way you can use a 15" square to square up your blocks, I like to square everything!
I actually taught this class as a mystery class last week, there are some pictures on my blog of some of those quilts, back a few days.  The picture is taken on my bed, and yes, that is Ty!  He just loves to get in pictures!

1 comment:

  1. Pretty quilt! I was looking for the "10 minute" block pattern. I know, I can be wacky at finding things. Did I miss it somewhere? Sounds like a block I would really want to do!

    annie m.