Thursday, January 30, 2014

Contest on Cool Cat Creations Quilting Facebook Page

I would like to let all of you know that I am holding a contest very shortly on my Cool Cat Creations facebook page.  I am giving away 1 Cool Cat Mug, and 1 Bali Bags Pattern.  I am celebrating my pattern landing on the cover of the Nancy's Notions catalogue, so exciting!
The mug is hand-made by David Eastwood a New Brunswick potter, his company is Clay Designs.  The Bali Bags pattern has the instructions to make all 4 bags shown on the cover.  You can make all 4 bags from 1 Bali Pop, or 1 Jelly Roll, or 40 - 2   1/2" strips. 
To be eligible to win you will have to "like" the Cool Cat Creations facebook page, the link is:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bali Bags by Cool Cat Creations

I was very surprised to find out that my Bali Bag made it onto the cover of the Nancy's Notions catalogue cover!  The bag is not one that I myself made, however, I do love the fabrics that they used, beautiful browns and teals!
For those that are not familiar with this pattern you can make all 4 bags with 1 Bali Pop, or 1 Jelly Roll.  That would be 40 -  2  1/2" strips for those unfamiliar with pre-cuts.  Now, if you are not wasteful with your strips there is enough left over to make the 3 piece wallet set - Little Bits.