Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frozen - Quilted Slippers and Tote Bag, Jack & Jill Slippers & Tote Bag

Frozen seems to be all the rage these days, so I decided to make some Frozen themed Jack & Jill Slippers and Tote Bags.  Well, seems Frozen fabrics are a little hard to come by, but I was able to find Frozen themed ribbons.  It just so happens that I, like so many other quilters have a vast inventory of fabrics.  I was able to put together some fabrics that I do think go nicely with the ribbons, one in blues and one in pinks.  I will be giving them to my little nieces, hope they like them!  The pattern has both this style, the girl's, and a boy's style of slipper and the tote bag.  The pattern has full sized templates for both styles and all sizes from child 5 - 13 and youth 1 - 4.  The pattern can be found on my etsy shop

Friday, October 3, 2014

Quilted Slippers, Jack & Jill Slippers & Tote Bag from Cool Cat Creations

This is my latest pattern, people have been asking for a children's pattern and it is finally here!  The pattern is designed using a Bali Snap, or a Charm Pack, that is 40 - 5" squares of fabric.  You will get the bag and the slippers with 1 charm pack.  On the very little sizes you can probably get 2 pair of slippers and the bag.
The pattern has full sized templates for 2 styles, boy's and girl's in sizes children's 5 - 13 and in youth's sizes 1 - 4, plus the instructions for the bag.  This would be a great little set to take to Grandma's house for the weekend!

The slippers make great Christmas gifts, and you still have time to make them for Christmas!  The pattern will be widely available shortly, and on my etsy site now.  Click on link below.