Friday, October 16, 2015

Quilted Snappy Slippers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is breast cancer awareness month so I decided to make these Snappy Slippers in breast cancer fabrics.  I will give them to a group doing a breast cancer fund raiser.  I did not make the matching bag yet, but I probably will.
The breast cancer fabrics are very pretty, I even made some of my Heirloom Ornaments in them.  These slippers would be  a nice gift for someone going through treatments.
Remember everyone out there, do self exams and get a mammogram!  You can get the patterns for the Snappy Slippers & Travel Bag and the Heirloom Ornament from the following link.  The Heirloom Ornament is now on Craftsy, and the Snappy Slipper pattern will be there soon.