Thursday, February 23, 2012

8 Year Old Sara Makes a Quilted Wallet

Well Sara is at it again!  She is making a quilted wallet now, it is a variation of my pattern Little Bits.  I should also mention that she is 8 not 9 as I said in a previous story.  She is quite excited about this little project, and she is whipping right along with it.  She will be finished the wallet next week, which means she only spent 3 weeks on it.  This time it is for herself and she only needed 3 card pockets because she dosen't have any credit cards yet!

On another note, I am waiting and I hope to get pictures of my aunt with her bag, I have asked her to send mesome, we will see.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Quilty Gift

Here are some pictures of a quilter's tote and a matching bag that I made for my Aunt Anne.  Anne does not read my blog which is why I can write about it here, I will be sending them off later this week.  My aunt was still in high school when I was born and spoiled me very, very much!  She was, and still is, a beautifly seamstress and made many, many gorgeous things for me.  I posted my Quilter's Tote on my fanpage and she wrote, my that would make a nice gift for someone in white, black and red!  Well, I happen to know that white, black and red are her favorite colours, so I made one for her, and the Annabella bag as well.  This is fun for me, I finally get to sew something for her.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quilter's Tote

I have been busy working on 2 new patterns.  Here is a couple of pictures of one of the patterns, a quilter's tote.  I made one for myself several years ago, it is well used since I teach several classes a week.  I liked the size of the old one, but it needed lots of tweeking.  I have a long handle that I can carry it over my head on the other shoulder which leaves my hands free for my other bags, plus smaller handles to carry that way as well.  the inside has one large pocket which will hold the 17" x 24" mat, and on the other side is a large divided pocket, one will carry a 12 1/2" square.  It is very sturdy and should hold up really well.  Pattern will be ready in a couple of weeks.  And it is Pippa approved!