Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quilted Wedding Shoes - Snappy Slippers & Travel Bag

The Snappy Slippers & Travel Bag are so versatile!  I have just finished a fun pair that I made for a friend's daughter that is getting married soon.  Since they are made on a foam interfacing, and have a slipper gripper bottom they are very much like shoes.  This is a great wedding gift that she can wear
for her wedding, or for her honeymoon, in the hotel.
It would be a fun project to make all of your bridesmaids slippers too!  I hand beaded these slippers, something I do like to do, I find it soothing. They are a fast project compared to the beaded wedding gowns that I used to make!
For those of you with quilt shops, I have several distributors including Checker Distributors.  For those who are near a quilt shop, ask them to bring in the pattern and if they will not you can find them at this link:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Snappy Slipper & Travel Bag Tutorial - Part 2

If you have not read part 1, you should do so now.  So, now you have the tops pieced and the lining ready to sew.  Place the 2 pieces together and stitch along the top as shown.  Then clip this seam and press toward the lining.  Now stitch a seam about 1/8th of an inch from the seam, this is under stitching and will help keep the lining turned down when you top stitch.  If you are looking for the pattern and can not find it in your local quilt shop, you can buy it here

Press the seam flat, pressing the lining to the inside, now topstitch.  Now you will crossover the tops, remember that one is to the left and one is to the right.  Now stitch them in the seam allowance to hold together.

Now put your soles together, follow the directions for this in your pattern.  You have 3 layers, pellon fusible fleece, lining and slipper gripper.

Now you will attach the soles to the tops.  Make sure to line up the right top with the right sole and the left top with the left sole. 

  1. Now take the sole and place it on top of the slipper.  The slipper gripper will be touching the pieced part of your slippers.  Pin in place, starting by matching the tabs and the center fronts and center backs, then pin all the way around.  If you wish you could baste this seam first.  Now stitch all the way around the slippers, if you like you can stitch again with a small zig zag stitch and cut away any excess to clean up the seam.

  2. After you have finished stitching this seam, turn it right side out.  If the slipper is too wide for your foot, you can take it in on the sides, not  the toe and heel, this will change the size.  Now finish your insoles according to the directions in the pattern, then add the insoles.


Snappy Slippers & Travel Bag from Cool Cat Creations

Just a short post, thought I would show you lots of different Snappy Slippers.  The Snappy Slippers & Travel Bag is made using 1 package of Charm Squares for both the bag and the slippers.  The slippers are made with a foam interfacing, there are several on the market, one is Soft and Stable byAnnies.  The insoles are also made using the foam, and are removable.  The bottom of the slippers has slipper gripper, this is a non-slip fabric.
For shop owners I have several pattern distributors including Checker Distributors, they are all listed on my website:
Please check your local quilt shops for this pattern, most quilt shops will bring in a pattern if you ask.    If you can't find it at your local quilt shop, you can buy it here

Monday, June 2, 2014

Snappy Slippers & Travel Case Tutorial - Part 1

I have had a lot of requests for tutorials for the Snappy Slippers, so here is the first part.  This seems to be were lots of people have an issue.  As with all patterns, if you read through the pattern first it will answer most of your questions.
  When working on any foundation, and in particularly the foam, it will shrink up on you, so cut
it a little larger then your template.  Look at your pattern it will tell you how much larger you need
to cut it.  For those looking for the pattern, try your local quilt shop and if you are not near one you can buy it here

 Lay your first strip down on the drawn line.  Now follow Step 2 in your pattern.

Follow the instructions in the pattern to finish the 4 tops.  When you have all tops completely covered, you can turn in over to the back and trim around the edges even with the foundation.  This will make it easier to see when you use the freezer paper template to cut out the shapes.  Follow Step 3 in the pattern. If you are doing the decorative stitching, do so now.  I love to do some decorative stitching on them, gives you a chance to use all of those stitches you never touch!

Now follow Step 5.  If you have never heard of under stitching before, it is a  way to make the seam lay flatter, and will help you turn it under to press and then topstitch.