Sunday, August 28, 2011

Black and White and Pink Allover Quilt

Here is a quilt that I just put up for sale on Etsy.  I made this quilt as a sample for a class that I thought.  The pattern is Fire Escape from Atkinsen Designs, I like her patterns they are written well.  I love working with black, white and bright colours.  Black and White fabrics are something that I have collected for years, but since I have started making kits my stash has become much smaller.  The black and white and red kits have been very popular, and although I think that combination is beautiful, I do prefer hot pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Strippy Quilt Kits Available on my Etsy Shop

I have posted a few stippy quilt kits on my Etsy site, there are lots more to come. The kits contain a Jelly Roll (40-2 1/2" strips) the border
(6-4 1/2" strips) and the binding (7-2 1/2" strips). The kit also includes the instructions and a link to a video showing lots of these quilts without the border.
They are really fun to do, very quick, and you have no idea how it will look when you are done! Most people that have done them have done several.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Quilting Eyes Two

Well, I had my surgery this morning. It was not as bad as I had expected, but I am glad that I only have a problem in one eye. I was at the hospital at 7:00 this morning and home by 10:00, not bad. The staff at the hospital were fantastic, and so is my doctor Jeff Steeves. I have to put drops in my eye every hour today, not crazy about that! I see him tomorrow morning to check my eye out. The good news is I can't cook or clean for at least a day.
Now if anyone can explain to me how to attach a button I would be greatful.
I am trying to attach a button for Pets on Parade from Sewcalgal's blog, it is a contest for animals and quilts. The pictures are awsome you should for sure check them out.
Here is the quilt that Pippa is laying on all finished and a picture of the pattern cover.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quilting Cat Contest on Sew Cal Gal

Here are some pictures of one of my beautiful cats, this one is Pippa, and she was Pippa before the famous English Pippa!! I was trying to lay my quilt out, but this is always a problem with four cats in the house! They all love to help me, and I hear that this is a problem for most cat owners. If I am in a hurry I have to lock them out of the room, but who wants to do that?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quilted Annabella Bag

Thought I would show you a couple of Annabella Bags that I have for sale on my etsy shop. The pattern is also available there, along with Bella the matching wallet.
Here is the link for my etsy shop:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beautiful Pottery along the Saint John River

We took a trip to David Eastwood's studio last weekend, I love his pottery. He actually gave my son private pottery lessons, which explains the never used pottery wheel sitting in my basement. Dane thought that that is what he wanted to do, but later decieded on fashion design and studied at LaSalle in Montreal.
Anyway, David made my Cool Cat Creations mugs, which I will post tomorrow since I don't have a picture of them. I took these pictures of his store on his farm, the store is an old chicken coop and he uses all the outbuildings for various aspects of pottery, a beautiful place to visit.

Cool Cat Creations is now on Etsy

For all those wondering where you can buy my patterns, I now have an Etsy shop. I have patterns as well as some bags, t-shirts and will have kits soon. Here is the link:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Volcanic Sand Beach (Black Beach)

Volcanic Sand Beach (Black Beach)

My husband and I went for a drive today and I finally have been to Black Beach. This beach, on the ocean, really does have balck sand. It is hard to get to, you probably would not want to take a car, we had a truck. The fog was coming in, of course, and it was a beautiful day.
On another note, my eye operation is on Friday, it will be good to get it over with, but the thoughts of someone cutting in my eye is gross! If all goes well I will be seeing thinks in a different light, the light won't reflect anymore!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quilting Eyes

Well, I am going to see the eye specialist tomorrow morning. He will be scheduleing an operation for me on my eye. I have a rare type of catarac, I can see better at night, but the sunlight is very glaring for me. Luckily, it has not been sunny hardly at all this summer!!! I do find it scary, lots can go wrong. The good news is it is only in one eye, the bad news is,, I can still get the other type of catarac that is caused by age, I hope I have at least 10 - 20 years for that! I know that these operations are done everyday, I am sure it will be fine, and imagine how well I will be able to sew when I can see clearly! Since there is no picture for this, I am showing a couple of bags from my etsy shop, the link is on my fanpage. If you are not a member of my fanpage you should join, I am running a contest and will give away some patterns.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dane's designs from the Montreal Fashion Show

Here are a couple of pictures of my son Dane's designs in the big fashions show in Montreal on Friday.

Little Pug and a Quilt

My brother-in-law Todd has been home for a visit from San Francisco with his little pug Yee-Yee. She is such a good little girl, and she really liked my quilt, Crazy Daizy. Here are some pictures of her, she has asked for one of her own, so I will be working on that very soon.