Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bali Bags by Cool Cat Creations

I was very surprised to find out that my Bali Bag made it onto the cover of the Nancy's Notions catalogue cover!  The bag is not one that I myself made, however, I do love the fabrics that they used, beautiful browns and teals!
For those that are not familiar with this pattern you can make all 4 bags with 1 Bali Pop, or 1 Jelly Roll.  That would be 40 -  2  1/2" strips for those unfamiliar with pre-cuts.  Now, if you are not wasteful with your strips there is enough left over to make the 3 piece wallet set - Little Bits.


  1. I am making on of the bag designs for your Bali Bags pattern and looking for some clarification on something. On bag 1, Step 1, your instructions say to cut four PFF pieces and 2 lining pieces using the front as a template. You state to straighten the sides as you cut but leave the bottom round. Are we to cut both the PFF and the lining by straightening the sides or only the PFF?

    I am stumped and can't go any further, please help.

    1. Cathie, my e-mail is on the back of the pattern, you will get an answer much easier that way. Cut all the sides straight, if they are not. Sometimes they are rounded, and depending on who makes them they could be straight anyway.

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