Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Quilting Patterns from Cool Cat Creations

Here are my some Christmas Patterns, I do love to find new ways to use up every bit of fabric scraps that I have!  The Bali Snippets pattern has full-sized templates for 2 sizes of owls, 2 sizes of gingerbread men, 2 sizes of hearts, 3 sizes of stars, a snowman and a bird.  Make these ornaments with those little snippets of left over fabrics, or use fabrics that you purchase to make enough in the exact colour you want for your tree.
These cute ornaments make great gifts for anyone, and just think of the fun craft day you could have with your friends!
The Bali Christmas Balls also use left over strips of fabric along with Styrofoam balls, another way to personalize your tree.  Then there is Bali Ornaments, they also use leftover pieces of fabric and can be made on Styrofoam forms, or old ornaments that you do not like.  You can use forms from craft stores, or cheap ornaments from the dollar stores.
Hope you have lots of fun crafting with your friends and family this season.  If you start now you will have ornaments made for all your family and friends by Christmas!
The patterns are available in my etsy store at:

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