Monday, December 12, 2011

A Quilter's Christmas Trees

Here are 2 more of my Christmas trees.  The white one is new this year, I have wanted one for several years.  It is in my dining room, and my daughter gave me most of the little snowmen.  I added a wide ribbon garland to fill in the holes, when in front of a window the light shines in and through the tree.  I found the little snowflakes at Canadian Tire and the snowball ornaments at the Superstore. I bought the tree last year after Christmas, so got a great deal on it.
The other little tree is in a bathroom.  I made the ornaments using leftover bali fabrics and wild yarns.  The topper is a kitty angel, it came as one of those cut out wood pieces, I painted it, and added wings. 

I still have more trees to show you later.


  1. your trees are SO cute! here I thought I was nuts that we had 2 fake trees this year, one upstairs and one downstairs, and now my neighbor gave my kids two tiny trees for their rooms....
    WHAT is THAT? in front of the cat tree in blue and red?? got a close up of that?

  2. Okay, you have your allotment of Christmas trees and it's time to let someone else have some lol! REally, though, I am just jealous you have the room to put up that many trees cause IF I COULD, I WOULD ! :) They look great!

  3. I am a follower, still miss Quispamsis and the store!! Are you enjoying the hop? I sure am. Love your white tree this year, you certainly have a flair for decorating for Christmas.
    Hugs from The Bay, no not westfield, but Ontario - sigh!!!