Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frozen - Quilted Slippers and Tote Bag, Jack & Jill Slippers & Tote Bag

Frozen seems to be all the rage these days, so I decided to make some Frozen themed Jack & Jill Slippers and Tote Bags.  Well, seems Frozen fabrics are a little hard to come by, but I was able to find Frozen themed ribbons.  It just so happens that I, like so many other quilters have a vast inventory of fabrics.  I was able to put together some fabrics that I do think go nicely with the ribbons, one in blues and one in pinks.  I will be giving them to my little nieces, hope they like them!  The pattern has both this style, the girl's, and a boy's style of slipper and the tote bag.  The pattern has full sized templates for both styles and all sizes from child 5 - 13 and youth 1 - 4.  The pattern can be found on my etsy shop

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