Friday, April 13, 2012

A Quilt for Jessica

Here are some pictures of the quilt I am making for my daughter Jessica.  The fabrics that I used are Terraine designed by Kate Spain, this fabric is just so beautiful.  Jessica fell in love with the fabric as soon as she saw it and wanted me to make her a quilt with it.  I saw this spiderweb quilt in a magazine, and since I love spiders and spiderwebs I thought this would be a good design for the fabrics.  I started out with the size of the blocks that they used in the magazine, then I felt I would like larger blocks, so I enlarged the block.  Then I made a practice block with pink strips that I had left over from another project, I did not want to waste the Terraine Jelly Roll.  I will make the smaller blocks into toss cushions for the bed.   Jessica is very happy, she says that this quilt is her favorite quilt I have ever made.  It is not finished yet, I will post a picture of the finished quilt when that time comes.


  1. that looks LOVELY! are you using muslin or anything behind it or just adding strips?

  2. you have the word robot on and I had to TAB down to hit the publish button, it wouldn't let me scroll.... just fyi

  3. Wow, Jessica is one lucky gal! Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL!! It looks like your adorable kitty is admiring your creativity too. I am honored that you used Terrain, thank you. Can't wait to see how your quilt comes together! Have a beautiful weekend. xo, kate