Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Quilty Gift

Here are some pictures of a quilter's tote and a matching bag that I made for my Aunt Anne.  Anne does not read my blog which is why I can write about it here, I will be sending them off later this week.  My aunt was still in high school when I was born and spoiled me very, very much!  She was, and still is, a beautifly seamstress and made many, many gorgeous things for me.  I posted my Quilter's Tote on my fanpage and she wrote, my that would make a nice gift for someone in white, black and red!  Well, I happen to know that white, black and red are her favorite colours, so I made one for her, and the Annabella bag as well.  This is fun for me, I finally get to sew something for her.


  1. Thanks ladies, it is shipped, and I think she should have it by Wednesday.

  2. Love the bag and your choice of her favorite color and the combination. Have you heard yet, has she already received it? Maybe not yet, our postal services are not as swift as in some countries, LOL Be sure to let us all know what she thought of this wonderful and joyful gift you made for her...