Monday, July 4, 2011

Step 1 - making pillow cases.

You have three pieces of fabric. The main part which is 27" long (w.o.f.), the accent piece which is 2" long, folded in half wrong sides together (w.o.f.), and the band which is 9" long (w.o.f.). Place the band down, right sides up, place the accent piece on top of this raw edges even, then place the main piece right side down on top of the other two pieces, raw edges even. It is best to do this on a table, or the floor so that you can have the whole 45" of fabric flat.
Now roll up the main piece so it is small and close to the top. Now pull up the other end of the band and pin in place, all the way across the top. It is best to start in the middle and pin across to the edges, first one side and then the other. Now stitch this seam all the way across. Pull to turn it inside out. Press, then place the wrong sides together and stitch a very small seam down the side and across the bottom. Now turn, press and stitch a wide enough seam to catch the first one down the sides and across the bottom. This is called a french seam, totally covered. You are finished!

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