Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cool Cat Pajama Bags, Quilted Kitties go Wild

I have collected animal prints for a long time, I have made a few things with them including Snappy Slippers & Travel Bag, but still have lots of these fabrics.  So, I decided to make a couple of Cool Cat Pajma Bags.  They turned out very cute, quite wild!  Here are some photos for you.  This is the newest pattern from Cool Cat Creations, it is a pajama bag and has a zippered pocket in the back that can hold the jammies.  The cats are big, they are 24 1/2" long from the top of their head to the heel and sit up nicely, they look great sitting on a bed.
The quilt pattern in the photos is my Easy Peasy quilt, pattern also by Cool Cat Creations.

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